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Advanced Secure Issuance Licenses Are Here
An Update to the Nevada Driverís License and Identification Cards Sample ASI Driver License

Starting January 2010, the look of the driverís license and identification cards will be updated. After the events of 9/11, new minimum standards were created for the issuance of all state issued driverís license and identification cards.

Cards issued prior to January 2010 will remain valid until their expiration date. The cards may be accepted to establish identity and are valid for official Federal purposes to include boarding a commercial aircraft. The new process will be rolled out in all Nevada DMV offices by March 2010.

There is no need to immediately apply for the new card. The Department is encouraging customers to wait until their normal in-office renewal to obtain the new card.

Security features that were provided to you when Central Issuance was implemented remain the same.

Why Advanced Secure Issuance (ASI)?

  • Provides greater assurance that a person presenting a driverís license is who they claim to be

  • Makes it more difficult to tamper with or create counterfeit driverís licenses

  • Distinguishes driverís licenses and identification card standards from those issued based on reduced issuance standards

  • Identifies individuals with limited durations of stay in the United States

Updates to the driverís license and identification cards are visible on the front of the card.

  1. Nevada graphic from license at the top of the card will be in a smaller font.
  2. The Eagle eagle from license has moved to the lower right hand corner of the card.

Nevada driver license


Figure 1 ‐ Changes to Driver's licenses
and Identification Cards

Customers meeting the new minimum standards will be issued an Advanced Secure Issuance Driverís License or Identification Card. The Advanced Secure Issuance card will contain an additional security marking on the top right hand corner of the card. The new security marking, a gold star, will be issued once all required documentation has been presented. This new card will be accepted for Federal official use and can be used to board commercial aircraft and enter all federal buildings requiring identification.

The following is a sample card of the new Advanced Secure Issuance:

Sample License

If the driverís license or identification card is an ASI card, a gold star will be in the upper right‐hand corner of the card. This is the DHS‐approved security marking indicating Federal compliance.

Figure 2 ‐ Advanced Secure Issuance Card


To learn more about Advanced Secure Issuance, visit us on the Nevada DMVís website at  www.dmvnv.com.


Last Updated: 09/13/11 08:10:03 AM

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